6 Unconventional Customer Acquisition Strategies

Much of customer acquisition is trial and error. Brainstorming new customer acquisition strategies is key to keeping your strategy fresh.


Creating Company Culture

What do you want your team to be known for? How do you define yourselves and what are your common threads? Company culture can be what ties otherwise incredibly different individuals together in pursuit of a common mission.


Perfecting Your PEO

If you find yourself struggling to properly understand and put together things like employee benefit packages, a PEO can be your best friend


How To Make Big Decisions

A startup is either growing or dying, and a well-positioned one should have a strong market, assets, and team. Should you join?


Writing Better Cold Emails

In today's era of drip campaigns and automated sales message, a well-crafted cold email stands head and shoulders above its competition. The only way to write a great cold email is to be authentic and maybe even a little bit weird.


Avoiding Delegation Downfalls

Delegation requires trust, and trust is earned. Start off with small outcomes and work towards higher stake assignments.


Jan. 12th, 2021 - Summit Your Goals

Building a startup is like climbing a mountain. Except this mountain has no trails so you can only use your best guesses to reach the summit. Every startup will have a different set of annual goals to go after, but the following strategy to plan and attain those goals should resonate no matter where your business is today.


Jan. 4th, 2021 - Defining Your Brand Identity

Branding encompasses so much more than just a font or color; it’s the soul of a brand. First, you need to understand what the brand stands for, it’s value proposition, who it’s serving, and how you want your customers to feel when interacting with it. The visuals and messaging are a reflection of those ideas.


Become a Financial Quarterback

As the CFO of YipitData , Eric Lesser has to have a quarterback-like vision on his company’s financial health. Eric manages the finance and


Dec. 22nd, 2020 - Why You Should Write A User Guide

Decisions have always been hard for me, especially when I'm overwhelmed. For example, I break down in front of restaurants because...

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