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Katie Harper

Katie is currently the VP of Operations at Kard, a TechStars-backed fintech company based in New York City. She is heavily involved in strategy and execution across the company, particularly for partnerships, finance, and compliance. Previously, she was the Head of Operations at adtech startup, Upwave (formerly Survata, YC S12), where she helped 20x annual revenue and 10x headcount from seed to Series B.

Outside of work, Katie can be found reading, renovating her apartment in Harlem, and doing yoga. She studied Russian and Computer Science at Duke University and is a grad school dropout. To get in touch, connect on LinkedIn or email her here: katie@boringstartupstuff.com.

Daniel Jakaitis

Dan has been in an engineering leadership role for several years and is currently the VP of Engineering at Next Caller (YC W14). In his role, he helps manage product direction and engineering operations. He is heavily involved in compliance, operations, and legal decisions that impact his organization's ability to build and release software solutions. Dan also works alongside sales teams to handle customer development conversations about new products.

Prior to joining Next Caller, Dan worked with Katie as the VP of Engineering of Kard. In his free time, Dan is an avid fitness nerd, chess player, book worm, and dad to Charlie. To get in touch, connect on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can email him here: dan@boringstartupstuff.com .

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